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Fourth Southern African Base Metals Conference

Swakopmund, Namibia, 23-25 July 2007

The Fourth International Base Metals Conference, to be held in Namibia for the first time in 2007, follows on from the previous three bi-annual conferences held in the southern African region.

Conference theme: Africa's Base Metals Resurgence

Swakopmund The past decade has seen a tremendous revival of the base metal industry in Africa. Simultaneously, base metal commodity prices have seen an unprecedented increase.

This conference is aimed at exploring the contributions that led to the revival of the base metals industry in Africa with regard to the mining and metallurgical disciplines. The conference also intends to explore how the base metal industry in Africa can maximize the advantage to be gained from the increase in base metal prices, through research, innovative thinking, and new ways of operating and implementing projects.

For international participants, this conference presents an ideal opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of and exposure into this region's base metal industry.

With the rapid growth in exploration, resource evaluation, projects, and technological advances in this field in southern Africa in recent years, active participation is invited from mining and metallurgical professionals from all of the countries in this region.

The technical programme will be made up of joint sessions of common interest to the entire audience, and parallel sessions of special focus topics. These special focus topics will cover:

  • The need to reduce capital and operating expenditure
  • Developing manpower resources to run the industry
  • Challenges in meeting environmental regulations in the Base Metals industry
  • Dealing with perceptions that Africa is not a first world investment venue
  • Special infrastructure, logistics, and energy supply considerations
  • The mining/processing interface - breaking down the traditional barriers
In addition to the special focus topics, papers are also invited in the following areas:
  • New projects
  • Novel technologies relating to this industry
  • The current status of research and development
  • Socio-economic challenges
  • Compliance with legislation and codes of practice
  • Product differentiation
  • Vertical integration and value enhancement
  • All fields of base metals mining
  • All fields of base metals metallurgy
This conference is being organized by Paul Fouche ( and Willem van der Merwe (, through the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM).

The event is scheduled to take place at the Swakopmund Hotel in Swakopmund, Namibia over three days, followed by technical tours on Thursday 26 July. Tours (via chartered flights) include Tsumeb (copper), Skorpion (zinc), Rosh Pinah (zinc and lead), and Rossing (uranium).

SAIMM Chamber of Mines of Namibia

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