Base Metals 2007

Fourth Southern African Base Metals Conference

Africa's Base Metals Resurgence

Swakopmund, Namibia, 23-25 July 2007

Cover and Contents

Water balances in hydrometallurgical refineries
W.H. Botha, M.H. Fox, M. Kirsten, A.J. Lathwood, and J.A. Moolman

Microwave-assisted So2 flushed acid leaching of mixed cobalt-copper oxidized ores
A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi, J. Ndalamo, and B.B. Mamba

Cu-removal from the Skorpion circuit using EMEWr technology
E. Roux, J. Gnoinski, I. Ewart, and D. Dreisinger

The influence of water quality on the flotation of the Rosh Pinah complex lead-zinc sulfides
R.F. Sandenbergh and Y. Wei

An assessment of pentlandite occurrence in the run of mine ore from BCL mine (Botswana) and its impact on the flotation yield
A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi and O. Medupe

Rock support in Southern African hard rock mines
D. van Heerden

Remote mine wide communications
M. Woodhall

Grade control blending and selectivity for optimal process performance at the Skorpion Zinc Mine, Namibia
G.B. Gnoinski

Exploitation of a massive low grade zinc-lead resource at Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation, Namibia
H. Fourie, P.H. van Rooyen, S. Rupprecht, T. Lund, and N.M. Vegter

Intelligent gearing system-Solution to understand and correct operational conditions that reduce the fatigue life of a girth gear
D. van Dyk

Larox horizontal vacuum belt filter with side vacuum
R. Kroukamp

Development of a mineral flotation frother for Nchanga Mine on the Zambian Copperbelt
H. Zimba, M. Chitambo, S. Sondashi, and W.A. Grobler

Planning a new analytical laboratory for an uranium mine taking automation into consideration
P.K. Hofmeyr and J.G. Galloway

Tomorrow's technology-out of Africa-today
P. De Waal

Can we decrease the ecological footprint of base metal production by recycling?
D.R. Groot and P.C. Pistorius

Oxidative precipitation of Fe and Mn by AIR/SO2
M. Mouton, J. van Deventer, and J. Vaarno

Solvent extraction test work to evaluate a versatic 10/NicksynTM Synergistic System for nickel-calcium separation
R. du Preez, G. Nel, M. Kotze, S. Donegan, and H. Masiina

A comparison of the effect of chemical and bioleaching on the kinetics of sphalerite leaching
J.W. van der Merwe, D.C. Odendaal, C. Strydom, and M.I. Sampson

Piloting of the Ishigaki Fibre-Wakishimizu-(Fibre media rapid filtration equipment) at Skorpion Zinc
H.F. Fuls and K. Nong

Uranium recovery from acid leach liquors: The optimisation of RIP/SX based flowsheets
D. van Tonder and B. van Hege

Parameters influencing the leachability of calcines emanating from microwave roasted sphalerite and pyrite concentrates
A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi and T. Phiri

Anglo Research (AR) experiences with integrated comminution and flotation plant modelling
S. Naik and W. van Druinik

End-of-life mode of failure of a zinc sulphide concentrate fluidized bed roaster and its rebuilding
C.B. Kohler, S. Venter, N.M. Vegter, and E.H.O. Meyer

Technologies for the base metal casting industry in Southern Africa: The impact of rapid prototyping
D.K. Nyembwe

The minerals industry and syndicated research
R.D. Beck and P.G. Gaylard

Base metals heap leaching applications and process parameters
P.J. van Staden

Skorpion Zinc: Optimization and innovation
J. Gnoinski

Comparison of solvent extraction and selective precipitation for the purification of cobalt electrolytes at the Luilu Refinery, DRC
L.M. Roux, E. Minnaar, P.J. Cilliers, M. Bellino, and R. Dye

Manganese removal from cobalt solutions with dilute sulphur dioxide gas mixtures
J. van Rooyen, S. Archer, and M. Fox

Cadmium removal from cobalt electrolyte
J. Deventer, R. du Preez, S. Scott, and S.R. Izatt

A case study on the operation of a Flottweg Tricanterr centrifuge for solvent-extraction crud treatment at Bwana Mkubwa, Ndola, Zambia
A. Mukutuma, B. Mbao, N. Schwarz, G. Chisakuta, and A. Feather

Assessing the performance and capacity of matte leaching using predictive models
F. Crundwell and A.J. Lathwood

Process development of the Nkomati PCMZ base metals sulphide ore
R.L. Bowers and D.S. Smit

Increasing the capacity of grinding circuits without installing more mills
G.F. Barrios (presented by N.J. Barkhuysen)

Copper and cobalt extraction from sulphate solution using natural clinoptilolite
A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi, D. Nyembe and B. Mamba

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