Base Metals

Third Southern African Base Metals Conference

'Southern Africa's response to changing global base metals market dynamics'

Kitwe, Zambia, 26-29 June 2005

Cover and Contents

Strategic outsourcing and the degree to which it may support the successful growth of the Zambian Copper Mining Industry
C. Heili

A technical and operational audit of the first 10 years of the Teniente converter operations at Nkana smelter
M. Syamujulu

Reducing / eliminating gas emissions from Peirce Smith converters
H.J. Le Roux and W.B. Drummond

The explosive character of zinc dust: A case study
W.H. van Niekerk, C. van Heerden, K. van Dyk, E.H.O. Meyer

Metals and alloys water solidification-A bridge from pyro-to hydro-metallurgy
D. Norval

Development of a RF tracer for use in the mining and minerals processing industry
J.A. Rabe, P.A.P. Fouche, K. O'Neill

Management of mining projects-The relationship between the client, clients project team and the EPCM project team and Why projects fail
C.A.F. Sweet and L. Stilwell

An integrated approach of waste issues on metallurgical sites
G. Devos

The application of cyclic voltammetry coupled with Surface Plasmon Resonance measurements to thiol-collector interactions with gold surfaces
D.R. Groot, S.H.M. Harkema, and M.K.G. Vermaak

The effect of mode of occurrence of galena and sphalerite on the selective flotation of ore samples from the Rosh Pinah Mine
M.D. Seke and P.C. Pistorius

Recent developments in flotation reagents to improve base metal recovery
W.A. Grobler, S. Sondashi, and F.J. Chidley

Some aspects of laboratory flotation of Co-Cu minerals from mixed oxide ores
A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi, and D.T. Bell

Advancing comminution and flotation performance with advanced process control
G.C. Smith, A. Singh, and V.C. Smith

Recent developments at Zincor
J.P. van Dyk

Applications of fibre-reinforced shotcrete (fibrecrete) support in drifts at Nchanga underground mine
S. Mundike and M. Lipalile

Geotechnical considerations in the design of the MOCB mining method at Konkola No. 3 Shaft
M. Lipalile, A.W. Naismith, and A.B. Tunono

Ground conditions and support systems at 1 Shaft, Konkola Mine, Chililabombwe, Zambia
C. Katongo

Refrigeration and ventilation design for the deepening of Mindola Copper Mine
D.O. del Castillo, M. Biffi, M. Dawborn, and D. Noort

Mechanised mine development utilising rock cutting and boring through raise and blind boring techniques
Page 313
P.H. Ferreira

Electronic delay detonators-a unique solution to pertinent mining problems
R. Banda and N. Rhodes

Outokumpu SX EW Technology package
R. Kuusisto, P. Pekkala, and G.J. Karcas

Development of a novel three-step SX process to recover copper from an acidic solution
Page 348
R. Minango, E. Bwalya, D. Bukunkwe, and B. Grinbaum

The use of selective ion exchange for the recovery of base metals from effluent streams
J. Wyethe, M. Kotze, B. van Hege, and R. Bell

Contribution on nickel, zinc and sulphur co-deposition during cobalt electrowinning
K. Kongolo, C.T. Mutale, and M.K. Kalenga

Process developments at tailings leach plant
G.C. Chisakuta, M. Banda, and M. Chabinga

Management of a major slope failure at Nchanga Open Pit, Chingola, Zambia
S.D.N. Wessels and W.A. Naismith

Mine operational planning as the driver for determining and managing energy demand
D. Capstick, K. Garner, and J. Porter

The optimisation of mining method and equipment
R.G.B. Pickering

Exploration of a mature copper mining license-A copperbelt case history
T.P. Williams, M.B. Rydzewski, and B. Corner

Sinking contractor's close out presentation on completion of south deep shafts
A. Douglas and K. McLeod

A bacterial heap leaching approach for the treatment of low grade primary copper sulphide ore
S.W. Robertson, A. Vercuil, P.J. van Staden, and P. Craven

Effects of microwave energy treatment on value liberation from Zn and Co-Cu ores
A.F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi, and J.M.L. Lewis

Sulphur from smelter gases and sulphate-rich effluents
J. Maree, D. Theron, R. Nengovhela, and P. Hlabela

Recent developments in the automation of mining analytical laboratories for base metal analysis
P.K. Hofmeyr

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