Base Metals 2009

Fifth Southern African Base Metals Conference

Kasane, Botswana, 27-31 July 2009


Cover and Contents

Novel redesign of a pressure leach autoclave by a South African platinum producer
J.O. Roux, M. Du Toit, and D. Shklaz

Extending the application of the AMIRA P754 Code of Practice for Metal Accounting
P.G. Gaylard, R.D. Morrison, N.G. Randolph, C.M.G. Wortley, and R.D. Beck

BCL sulphur capture options
M. Stroud, M. Bogopa, D.C. Keitshokile, and G. Dzinomwa

Modernisation of the BCL smelter
A.C. Legg, L. Ntsipe, M. Bogopa, and G. Dzinomwa

The challenge of technology adoption and utilisation in the mining industry-A focus on open pit mining technologies
J.T. Jordaan and C. Hendriks

Laboratory and pilot-plant investigations into the performance of a synergistic versatic 10 acid solvent extraction system for the recovery of nickel from calcium-saturated streams
A.C. du Preez and M.H. Kotze

Implementing strategies to improve mill capacity and efficiency through classification by particle size only, with case studies
N.J. Barkhuysen

'Necessity the mother of invention' A reflection on the requirements for successful innovation in the metallurgical industries (Keynote address)
R. Whyte

Dissolution of six sulfide concentrates in the hydrocopperr environment
M. Lundstrom, J. Liipo, J. Karonen, and J. Aromaa

Flowsheet considerations for copper-cobalt projects
A. Nisbett, K. Baxter, K. Marte, and M. Urbani

Mineral endowments and developing economies
L.C. Stilwell

Pilot-plant study of sulfuric acid extraction from a nickel electrolyte using Alamine 308
K. Voogt, K.C. Sole, and L.J. Bryson

Maximizing the value derived from laboratory test work towards heap leaching design
P.J. van Staden, S.W. Robertson, M. Gericke, J.W. Neale, and A. Seyedbagheri

Milling technology selection for the Tati Activoxr Project base on pilot scale ultrafine milling test work on nickel sulphide concentrates
G.J. Nel

Novel design aspects of the Tati Activoxr Project ammonia recovery circuit
G.J. Nel and D.A. van den Berg

The impact of a crushing plant upgrade and DMS pre-concentration on the processing capability of the Tati nickel concentrator
P. Morgan

Skorpion zinc solvent extraction: the upset conditions
J.M. Musadaidzwa and E.I. Tshiningayamwe

Soluble metal recovery improvement using high density thickeners in a CCD Circuit: Ruashi II a case study
M.C. Mulligan and L. Bradford

Milling circuit selection for Nkomati 375 ktpm concentrator
E. Wolmarans and P. Morgan

Pre-concentration of low grade lateritic sulphide nickel ore
D.F. Denysschen and B.N. Wagner

Water reduction at Skorpion Zinc and the impact on the environment
H.F. Fuls, J. Kruger, and P. van Greunen

A review of the application of molecular recognition technology (MRT) for Ni/Cu/Co hydrometallurgical process separations and for the purification of cobalt streams
S.R. Izatt, R.L. Bruening, N.E. Izatt, and J.B. Dale

Evaluation of various durability tests to assess resin for in-pulp applications
V. Yahorava, J. Scheepers, M.H. Kotze, and D. Auerswald

Milestones in the improvement of nickel and copper recoveries at BCL
M. Simwaka, M. Gumbie, P. Moswate, M. Moroka, D.C. Keitshokile, and G. Dzinomwa

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